Music in my Life

As a child I had the great fortune to play conga drums as my parents and their friends discovered the dance rhythms of the Samba, dancing late into the night and so, opened my life up to the joys of playing music. As a teenager I spent my "summer job" playing in rock bands on Cape Cod . What a wonderful way to make some money and meet other kids!

I found, as my path headed me towards a life in traditional pottery the people I socialized with played all sorts of traditional music. In 1969 I went to North Carolina to work for a short time at Jugtown Pottery. There I was introduced to the music of the likes of Clarence Ashley and more importantly what it meant to make "home made music". In Wales while working in the pottery village of Ewenny I heard the most amazing acepella singing . Later while visiting Weatheriggs Pottery in the Lake District I just fell in love with English folk music and interestingly enough early American Blues .

When I came home from Britain in the early 70's I started playing in square dance bands and what one might call "Bar Bands". In the later 70's I helped my close friend Lui Collens with her first record and found myself hooked on recording . I have made three personal Cds. The first in 1997 was "Music From Wolff Pottery" and in 1999 "Back Porch and Blues": both are out of print at the moment and will be re-released as money allows .

"Out And About" is my third c.d. made in 2002 and is a combination of traditional Appalachian, English and rural American Blues.

Out & About Song list :
  1. Over the Hills and Far Away
  2. East Virginia
  3. Sally Anne/The Old Plank Road
  4. Darcy Farrow
  5. Ruben's Train
  6. Hazel Dell /The Americans
  7. Shady Groves
  8. Lovely Joan
  9. The Great Silky
  10. Belle Rose
  11. John Barleycorn
  12. Banish Misfortune
  13. Come In My Kitchen
  14. Burden Made My shoulders Tired
  15. The Love Sick Blues
  16. They're Red Hot

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